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A Week In Paradise

Yea Cuba!

Hubby and I just spent a fabulous week soaking up the sun in Varadero, Cuba. We hadn’t been on a vacation to the Caribbean since our Honeymoon almost five years ago and I felt it was overdue!  There is just something about that warm air, the smell of the ocean and the sand between your toes that calls to me!

One thing I am not good at is flying.  I HATE to fly!  It terrifies me even though I’ve been doing it all my life.  This time Hubby had a little surprise for me at the airport.  As I waited for my meds to kick in he brought out his iPod and told me that he’d made me a playlist to help keep me calm while we travelled.  This is why I married this wonderful man – he is just so thoughtful!  He had also brought a headphone jack that allowed two sets of headphones to be plugged in to the same unit, so we could listen together.  I still hate being in the air but it definitely helped to settle my nerves.

View Of Our Resort

We stayed at the Iberostar Laguna Azul which was an absolutely gorgeous 5 star resort with a long stretch of beautiful beach.  Our flight arrived early in the morning and check-in wasn’t until mid-afternoon so they had an area we could put our luggage in as well as public washrooms in the lobby we could use to change in to our swimsuits.  We spent a few hours in the pool, grabbed some lunch and a few drinks (might as well start taking advantage of our all-inclusive package) and were just starting to become overwhelmed with sleepiness when we were told our room was ready.

Enjoying the pool!

Our room was on the 4th floor and overlooked the pool with the ocean behind it.  It was clean and beautifully decorated.  I loved spending every evening reading on our balcony before dinner, listening to the breeze and the ocean.  Sometimes storm clouds would come in looking fierce and menacing but we didn’t have any rain our entire week there.

The view from our room.

Hubby and I fell in to a pretty lazy routine.  We would wake up early, take a walk around the resort, then head in to the large dining hall for breakfast.  Being vegan we’re always worried about the selection of food that’s going to be available for us but it always seems to work out.  Yes it was repetitive but I think everyone feels that way when they’ve been eating resort food for a long time.  We enjoyed our morning coffee, a bowl of fresh fruit and sometimes dried cereal and some grilled potatoes and veggies.  They had a large bowl of oatmeal around the cereal every morning but we couldn’t figure out where to get boiling water from.

Next we would head out to the beach to claim a spot under an umbrella.  We would join some other resorters for morning yoga near the ocean, go for a swim to cool off and then laze on our chairs.  I read 3 books while I was there, it was just so relaxing.  And we always made sure our spot was directly in between the ocean and the bar.

Our beautiful strip of beach!

They had a beautiful outside restaurant that was only minutes from our spot on the beach where we ate lunch everyday.  The selection wasn’t as great as inside but was enough for us.  They always served lots of rice, mixed vegetables and occasionally kidney beans and chickpeas so we were always full and again we would enjoy fruit for dessert.  Their pineapple is to die for!  They serve it when it’s still white which makes it a little more tougher, bitter and delicious!  Now that I’m back I find the pineapples at the grocery store seem too ripe!


My other favourite thing about this restaurant was the iguana that hung out on a rock outside of it!  He was there every day.  I got some great photos of him on our last day there, it was almost like he was posing for the camera!  One of the waitresses said he must live underneath it because he’s there everyday.

Hey There!

By late afternoon we would head back to our room to shower and relax a little more before dinner.  We chose a spot on the patio outside where the breeze was just perfect and the waiters were so friendly and pleasant we ended up eating out there every night.  We got addicted to the pasta bar where you could build your own pasta and a chef would cook it up for you fresh while you waited!  They had a great variety of toppings and it was delicious!

Hubby & I on the boardwalk to the beach.

Towards the end of the week we booked an A La Carte meal at the Romantico restaurant thinking this would be the easiest one for them to accomodate our meal restrictions.  The girl who booked our dinner made a note that we were vegan so when we got there they had a special menu just for us!  We ended up having a delicious spicy tomato soup and risotto to die for as our main course! And of course there was wine.

Outside the A La Carte Resaurants

Occasionally we would end up at the theatre with some drinks to watch the entertainment and sometimes at the night club afterwards for some dancing!  And once we even went skinny dipping in the ocean!

Snorkelling on the reef.

In the middle of our week we took a Catamaran excursion to a small island for lunch and swimming, did some snorkelling on the reef and ended up at a place in the ocean where you could swim with the dolphins.  The snorkelling was amazing although much briefer than I had expected.  Our stretch of beach was beautiful at the resort but the winds were too high for us to see much of anything there.  This reef was the perfect spot!  Tons of variety and nice and clear.  I had swam with dolphins when vacationing in Bermuda but it was my first time for Hubby.  He hadn’t been very excited about it until we got there and he realized just how amazing and intelligent an animal they are.  On the way back to the marina we were laying out on the nets at the front of the boat when a pod of dolphins started following our boat!  Definitely one of my favourite parts of our trip!


We were sad to leave Cuba, it was so beautiful there and the people were so kind and friendly but after a week it felt nice to come home too!

Cuban Sunset
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Christmas in the Mountains!

The view from our balcony Christmas Eve morning.

This past Christmas was one to remember – my in-laws flew my husband, me and his brother out to Whistler, B.C. to spend a week in the mountains!  They had been down there a few years ago and thought it would be the perfect place to spend Christmas amidst lots of snow and beautiful scenery.

Stopping for coffee and a quick photo on our drive through the mountains.

We departed early in the morning, shuttled to the airport in a limo (what a surprise when there was a knock on the door at 4am and a limo waiting in the driveway!) where we boarded our flight for 7am.  It was a beautiful clear and sunny day when we arrived in Vancouver which provided a spectacular view of the mountains on the drive up to Whistler.

Hubby & I Christmas Eve.

Situated in Creekside, our resort was gorgeous!  We had a 3 bedroom suite complete with a kitchen, dining area and living room with a beautiful fireplace.  Our floors in our bathrooms were even heated!  Our rooms had a balcony overlooking the mountain and was a complete ski-in with the gondola a minute from our room.

Snowboarding down Whistler Mountain.

We spent the next few days snowboarding through the mountains and the nights drinking too much and watching Christmas movies by the fire.  I hadn’t been snowboarding in years and had been hesitant on going because of the pain I still have off and on from the car accident.  In the end though, we were in the most beautiful place and major ski-capital of Canada, how could I not?!

Christmas morning – check out that view!
The second half of our trip involved a lot of snow.  Back here in the Toronto area I would classify it as a 3-day blizzard but out there it was nothing.  The hills were still packed!  Our last day of passes and I still hadn’t done the Peak2Peak 1km gondola ride from the top of Whistler to Blackcomb.  Apparently it provides a spectacular view but we saw nothing but snow!  The gondola ride back to Whistler Village also stopped off an on the entire way down as it got windier and the snow got worse.
Doing Peak2Peak from Whistler to Blackcomb in a blizzard!
We spent our final day out shopping in Whistler Village amidst yet another snowstorm!  After browsing the shops and picking up a few things here and there, we enjoyed a yummy lunch at Earls where Hubby made off with a Kokanee glass – a souvenir from a fantastic trip! 
Yummy Starbucks in Whistler Village!

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Fall Days, Vaycay and Outdoor Bunny Play!

Man did I feel great last night!  Still fighting a throat infection but I started my stay-cation at 4:31pm yesterday afternoon!  Hubby only has the weekends off with me so although it would have been nice to spend the week with him, I now have lots of time to catch up with the ‘kids’.  After watching our favourite tv shows, Hubby and I snuggled and watched a movie on the big tv.

It felt so good to sleep in this morning and wake up when I wanted to wake up (which was a little before 10am).  Hubby was working the closing shift at work so I told him to stay in bed as long as he wanted and I got up, fed the dogs and took them on a walk.  What a beautiful day!  It got up to 22C, was bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky.  Absolutely amazing!  After I had gotten Hubby some breakfast, made his lunch and sent him packing, I made a grocery list and walked over with my cart to the store.

This year Hubby and I have decided to make a tofurky for Thanksgiving.  They’re pretty pricey for just the two of us but we interested to know if it’s any good.  I actually really never thought about cooking one before but I’ve had a few people tell me they go over well in their house so we shall see.

By the time I got home, unloaded the groceries, took the dogs out and made some lunch, it was mid-afternoon.  It was still nice and warm but the sun was off the backyard so I set up some fun toys for the bunnies and brought them out for a few hours of fresh air and exercise.

Rocky was pretty excited to get outside.
Rocky and Honey loved the long grass for lounging, hopping and nibbling!
I’d say they were pretty comfy!
Willow’s turn! Of course she kept hopping up to me for snuggles.
Hey whatcha up to there Ollie?
There were many holes like this around the backyard, Ollie was on a mission to dig it all up!

I let them stay out until the sun had set and it was starting to get dark.  I love letting them play outdoors because it takes minutes to set up and take everything inside, there’s no mess to clean up afterwards and it gives them a larger open space to play in.  And don’t worry, I spend the entire time outdoors with them to make sure they stay out of trouble and nothing is eyeing them up.

And now I must get to some baking.  I’ve had another request for some nanaimo bars!

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Dog Days of Summer

Hubby and I vacationed most of the week, it was wonderful!

If you’ve been reading the blog you’ll know we started our vaycay at a family cottage in Bancroft, Ontario.  We love going up there because the dogs are just as happy as we are.  Unfortunately we didn’t get the best weather so Hubby and I spent part of it making up new rules to Monopoly.  When the sun was shining or it just wasn’t raining we were outdoors with the pups.

Genevieve & Murray retrieving the ball.
Enjoying a canoe ride while the rain held off.
Weather cleared up for a beautiful sunset.
And stayed beautiful in to the next day.
Sunning on the dock with Genevieve.
The dogs spent all of their time in the water.  We haven’t gotten much rain this summer so they had to go out really far to get where they couldn’t touch.  Murray spent hours doing circles in the water – this tiny speck moving in the distance.  Every once in a while you would see him stop and his head pop up, just to make sure we were still around.  Genevieve likes to retrieve.  Even if she’s completely exhausted she can’t resist swimming after her toy and bringing it back to us.  Eventually to give her a break we had to leash her and bring her on the dock with us.  With a ball in her mouth, she settled down quickly.
 After some R&R at the cottage, we spent some time at my Dad’s boat with him, my Stepmom and little Brother.  We had gorgeous weather and picked an island close to the marina to anchor off of with some friends to enjoy the day.  My little Brother and Hubby spent their time pretending they were pirates (my brother is 4).  I spent my time floating around on an inner tube, sipping my wine and soaking up the sun.  My Stepmom came up late, she slept in and we wanted to get out on the water so Dad was trying to figure out a plan to go back and get her later on.  Instead she found someone boating our way and hitched a ride with them to us!
Brother and Hubby.
Hubby walks the ‘plank’ and does a cannonball!

 We’ve been back for a few days now.  Although our vacation was relaxing being a Beach Bum just wears me out!  I’ve been lazing around here when there’s tons to do – but I have a great tan now!  I’m nervous to start work again tomorrow.  I’ve been off for almost 4 months after pain problems following a car accident we were in last Christmas.  Keeping fingers crossed it all goes well and no one yells at me!

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