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Week 3

Day 15: Icicle.
Day 16: Target is closing in Canada! Stocking up on my favourite cruelty free products while I can!
Day 17: Best night at the Besties!
Day 18: Sunday morning pancakes.
Day 19: Finally the sun is shining! Frickin’ cold though!
Day 20: Took Mama D to the aquarium today!
Day 21: Murray and me selfie!

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It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day! Black cats are often overlooked because of old superstitions which classify them as ‘bad luck’. 
Due to this many shelters and rescues have a large amount of gorgeous black kitties that are desperately in need of forever, loving homes! So if you’re looking to adopt, please consider a black cat! 
My childhood cat Harrison is one of the most amazing, loving cats around! Does this look like the face of an animal bringing nothing but bad luck your way?
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