Lazy Sundays

Well I survived my first week at work which was a welcome relief.  I was really nervous of how my body would react to 8 hours of running around on my feet, especially with the uncontrollable pain I had experienced right before leaving in the first place but it went really well!  I experienced some minor neck pain and by Friday I was pretty sore but I made it through the entire week.

On a completely unrelated note I added some bangs to my ‘do but haven’t gotten a chance to wear them down all week since it’s been so hot out they get curly by the time I get to work!  Not sure if I like them more or less, but they’re a change at least.  Now if only my hair would grow faster!

Anyways……so life sure seems busy now!  Back to working full time means a lot less ‘Me’ time!  I got off track the last month or so with my weight loss and exercise goals so I’ve been trying to get to the gym more this week.  I want to make delicious meals for Hubby and I but am so tired it’s been a challenge not to grab fast food on the way home.

Then there’s the cleaning!  The last thing I want to do after I’ve worked all day, went to the gym and made dinner is clean but I also like having a clean house and I enjoyed how neat and tidy everything was while I was off.  I’ve also been trying all week to keep a balance with the animals.  I feel so guilty leaving them behind every morning!

Since these are all part of my routine again I bought myself an agenda.  I spent an hour yesterday planning out my week – gym, cleaning, meals etc.  I’m a list maker so even if I don’t stick to everything just writing and organizing my life takes that extra weight off….plus it’s super cute!

Now that it’s a rainy Sunday I feel so exhausted I just want some me time!  But there’s cleaning to do, animals to love, the gym to get to….I guess that’s life but sometimes I wish it just wasn’t so BUSY!  Although it couldn’t hurt to sit on the couch with a cup of tea and my book and read….just for a little bit!

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