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Fall Focus

What is your favourite season?

For me – it has always been Fall. Fall is a welcome relief after the heat of summer. It’s full of fresh, but still warm, air and sunny days. The days get shorter but still seem long enough and the chilly nights invite us to embrace all things warm and cozy. Landscapes become a stark contrast as trees meet cloudy skies and nature explodes in all of it’s brilliant glory. It brings with it thoughts of corn mazes, wagon rides, Thanksgiving, Halloween, the pumpkin patch and family. I can practically smell the mix of cider and leaves and pumpkin spice as I sit here typing and thinking about it all.

As the first day of Fall creeps up on us and I think more and more about all of the exciting moments just around the corner, I realized Project Life just wasn’t going to cut it if I wanted all of my Fall stories told. That’s when I came up with the idea of Fall Focus.

While I don’t have a solid plan for Fall Focus yet, I do know that I am not going to put pressure on myself to document every day of Autumn. Instead I want to use Fall Focus as a way to magnify certain events and experiences throughout the season. So many of the finer details can be easily missed with the busyness of life and thoughts of Christmas creeping around in the background (I think we can all admit we’re already getting excited about December Daily!). Not only do I want to experience as much of Fall as I can but I want to capture it and put it in a special place that I can go back to and reflect on.

I plan to begin Fall Focus on the first official day of Autumn and see where it leads me. Officially Fall doesn’t end until December 21st but as I will be elbow’s deep in to December Daily and the chaos and joy of the holidays by that point, I thought a more appropriate time to finish would be November 15th. Or perhaps I will feel all of my Autumn stories have been documented by Halloween. If any of you would like to participate and are in the US, you may feel that just after Thanksgiving would be a good time to end. Since this is a new concept, I don’t have it all planned out, but to me that’s just part of the fun.

As I go I will make sure to update you with my progress – feel free to follow along or create your own Fall Focus album. I am truly thrilled to have found a way to share my Autumn memories and excited to begin!

For more updates on life, follow me on Instagram @KrystleChantelle and Facebook @KrystleBlogs. #2018FallFocusKC

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Corn Mazes, Apple Picking & The Pumpkin Patch

It’s that time of year again when the leaves are in their glory, the air has chilled and the nights grow shorter. I excitedly await October’s return every year, so you can imagine just how thrilled I was to be back at the Pumpkin Patch looking for the perfect pumpkins for Hallowe’en.

This year we wanted to find a farm that was closer to home but still had some fun things for us to do. We stumbled across Cricklewood Farm in Brighton while doing a search online and were even more excited when we found out that we could bring our two Golden Retrievers, along with us.

We couldn’t have asked for a better day! We began our farm adventure by unloading the dogs and heading to the corn maze where we spent close to an hour getting lost between rows and rows of leafy stalks. We did hit a few dead ends and once or twice may have followed our dog’s suggestions to take a ‘short cut’ through the maze but overall we all had a lot of fun!

We hit up the apple trees next. As we stood between branches mixed with foliage and those round jewels of goodness, it dawned on us that we had never been apple picking before! We quickly filled our barrel before realizing that we had perhaps gotten a little carried away – how would we eat them all?! Turns out we got through them in less than a week. Every one was perfection and tasted a million times better than anything we had gotten from the store.

Finally we made our way to the pumpkin patch, me with Genevieve and Murray in tow and Duncan with the wagon. There were so many to choose from! We ended up finding two large pumpkins and a cute little one before making our way back to pay for our goodies.

All in all it was a great day! The dogs were completed exhausted after their farm adventure and spent the rest of the day curled up on the couch, snoring away. Duncan and I wasted no time delving in to our big bag of apples! Now, we just need to do some serious pumpkin carving and we’re all set for the big day!

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Do you see me?

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Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile. – William Cullen Bryant

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Autumn Outings

A few weeks ago on a chilly but sunny October day, my husband and I spent the afternoon driving around the local countryside. Not really having a plan in mind we stumbled across Primitive Designs and had to stop to check it out! 

Primitive Designs is a unique shop that sells exotic and hand crafted pieces from around the world.

This amazing shop has an abundance of carvings, tiki huts, furniture, pottery, jewellery, clothing and pretty much anything and everything unique you could possibly be looking for!

And of course if that doesn’t draw you in, the massive hand-built Transformers guarding the entrance will!
After doing some shopping, we continued on to Otonabee River to do some hiking.
Along the way we met this adorable but quite nosey donkey…
…and a very curious emu! It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday!

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A Few Photos Here And There!

Unfortunately I haven’t picked up my camera enough this year.  Life just seems to always get in the way.  I took a walk around the neighbourhood last week and although it’s too early around here for the leaves to start changing I was able to still get a few interesting shots.
This was my favourite photo of the day.  Before heading out, I was watering the garden when I noticed something moving through the mist.  I turned off the water and took a closer look.  It was a female Praying Mantis!  I ran inside, grabbed my camera and began shooting.  I’ve only seen 3 in my entire life and felt privileged she had chosen my garden to be in!  Even though she’s an insect, watching her clean off the droplets of water made me feel like I was watching something so much more special than that!  Amazing! 
A neighbour has these gorgeous Morning Glories growing all over her front fence.  They’re all different colours and look so pretty I just had to take a few photos.

One of my favourite flowers and yet I can’t seem to grow them!  Too many squirrels around!  This Sunflower was part of a small gardenful, each over 5 feet tall!

This apple tree was actually in someone’s backyard but was so large the branches full of apples were towering over the sidewalk.  They looked delicious!

And the rest of these were actually from a bouquet of ‘Just Because’ flowers Hubby brought home for me.  A beautiful arrangement of Gerber Daisies, Lilies and other small flowers, I couldn’t wait to photograph them.  I used several different backgrounds but the dark really made the colour in the flowers pop.

The two Gerber Daisies.  Hubby said he just walked around picking random flowers he thought I’d like.  I’ve never had a bouquet with Gerber’s in them, I was pretty excited!

Lilies have always been my favourite flower.  Tiger Lilies were our wedding flower.
A close-up of one of the Lilies.  Photographing flowers is so easy!  Since they’re so small, coloured bristol board is the perfect backdrop.  Pick out the flower you want to photograph and put it in a tall cup or vase.  Put the bristol board about a foot behind the flower, set up your tripod and your all set!

I love flowers but I’m not exactly sure what these are.  They look like a type of Marigold to me or maybe they’re a wildflower.  Either way they complemented the arrangement perfectly.
Hopefully I’ll be able to get out again soon and get a little creative with the changing season.
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Fall Days, Vaycay and Outdoor Bunny Play!

Man did I feel great last night!  Still fighting a throat infection but I started my stay-cation at 4:31pm yesterday afternoon!  Hubby only has the weekends off with me so although it would have been nice to spend the week with him, I now have lots of time to catch up with the ‘kids’.  After watching our favourite tv shows, Hubby and I snuggled and watched a movie on the big tv.

It felt so good to sleep in this morning and wake up when I wanted to wake up (which was a little before 10am).  Hubby was working the closing shift at work so I told him to stay in bed as long as he wanted and I got up, fed the dogs and took them on a walk.  What a beautiful day!  It got up to 22C, was bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky.  Absolutely amazing!  After I had gotten Hubby some breakfast, made his lunch and sent him packing, I made a grocery list and walked over with my cart to the store.

This year Hubby and I have decided to make a tofurky for Thanksgiving.  They’re pretty pricey for just the two of us but we interested to know if it’s any good.  I actually really never thought about cooking one before but I’ve had a few people tell me they go over well in their house so we shall see.

By the time I got home, unloaded the groceries, took the dogs out and made some lunch, it was mid-afternoon.  It was still nice and warm but the sun was off the backyard so I set up some fun toys for the bunnies and brought them out for a few hours of fresh air and exercise.

Rocky was pretty excited to get outside.
Rocky and Honey loved the long grass for lounging, hopping and nibbling!
I’d say they were pretty comfy!
Willow’s turn! Of course she kept hopping up to me for snuggles.
Hey whatcha up to there Ollie?
There were many holes like this around the backyard, Ollie was on a mission to dig it all up!

I let them stay out until the sun had set and it was starting to get dark.  I love letting them play outdoors because it takes minutes to set up and take everything inside, there’s no mess to clean up afterwards and it gives them a larger open space to play in.  And don’t worry, I spend the entire time outdoors with them to make sure they stay out of trouble and nothing is eyeing them up.

And now I must get to some baking.  I’ve had another request for some nanaimo bars!

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