There’s Always Tomorrow….

I’ve learnt a few things since leaving my job. One is that I am not a morning person. At all. Even when I wake up early I find I can’t get myself moving and often waste those early morning hours instead of taking advantage of the extra time I have.

The other is the struggle of finding time to get things done. Ironic isn’t it? I have more time than ever now that I stay at home and yet I can’t seem to get my list of chores completed! I’m opening a shop in a few short weeks on my other website but it’s been slow moving. I just can’t seem to find the time to do it all.

And somehow now the entire summer is almost behind me and I’ve been left to wonder where the time has gone? Time is a funny thing, that’s for sure! Last week I realized I needed to have a plan. I am the queen of list making around here although my husband says I’m always trying to pack way too many things in to my day.

Enter Playbook and Agenda. First I made a list of every household and pet chore I could think of. These could be as simple as watering the house plants or something extremely tedious like scrubbing the baseboards. Next I decided how often I should be completing that particular task. This is where my Playbook came in. I chose different days to perform each chore so that I wasn’t loading up all of my chores on the same day (which would make me less likely to do them). One of the great things about digital planners is that they have the ability to set reminders as well as repeat events. I am one of those people that tends to not notice something becoming a mess until it’s a full blown disaster so this has been a handy tool for me! Since we have so many pets I’d like to vacuum the carpets twice a week however, me being me, I tend to vacuum and then forget about it until I see little clumps of hair here and there! So I programmed ‘vacuum carpets’ in to my planner and then set it to repeat every 3 days. I set it to never end and voila! So easy!

Of course I couldn’t remember everything I do when I sat down to create this so as something came up that I knew I hadn’t logged in my calendar I would do the task, then sit down and add it while also setting my repeat times. You can choose to have your tasks repeat by days, weeks, months and years so it’s really easy to customize and I am finding it so helpful! Best of all its helped me stay on top of my housework and block off time to work on my growing business. It’s also helped me create a morning routine so I get myself up and moving and starting my day!

For anyone struggling with time management I highly suggest trying out the planner on your phone, tablet or even computer! It’s certainly paved the way towards a more productive me!

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